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You are loved.  You are SO loved, it's impossible to convey it in human language.  You're loved by so many people in your life, both past and present. 


And whether or not you're religious, or spiritual, consider that what we refer to as love -- in the general, unconditional sense

-- seems by all accounts to be the one element of life that has the most meaning, the most power; the one thing that has real transcendence.  What might it mean to think of love in a larger, broader sense?  Whether to you that looks like God, or the universe, or simply the aggregate of all of the love that has been felt in this world, take a moment to ponder the power and magnitude of this larger love -- Love with a capital L. 

Then consider the fact that this Love adores you more completely, more enormously, more unconditionally than you could ever fathom.  Love can have nothing but love for you, in fact, because it is love. 


If you're like most people, you probably haven't had enough of this big, unconditional love in your life, but you've seen it, and deep down, you know it.  You know what it feels like. Love is freedom and play and complete safety and fun and joy and celebration and community and affection and cherishing and peace and eternity.  It is constant, eternal, ebullient love. 

And I see you there, just like me, spending like 99.9% of your life stressing and thinking about everything else but love.  Which sucks for you, but regardless, you are constantly being inundated with love, 8 million gallons per nanosecond, while you’re doing it.  Worrying and not tuning into love can only affect how much you enjoy this life, sweetheart – it can’t diminish even by one micron how much you are loved, how wildly and hugely you are adored.  And regardless of whether you decide to live in bliss, join in the party that is love, during your life or spend it all stressing yourself out, you will end up at the same place at the end of it: you will KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that you never had anything to worry about, really, and that love really does conquer all.  That you were adored and doted upon by Love your whole life and that will never stop, and nothing can overcome it, nothing can exhaust it, nothing can even turn it down a little bit.  You belong to Love, and you are loved more than you can imagine.  Love just adores every hair, every heartbeat, every smile, every hesitation, every cute little human thought of yours.  You are here for Love to love you, and you are gonna be loved, no matter what.

Hear that again: you are here in order for Love to love you.  That’s why you’re here.  !!  And you have to accept that.  And what you feel like doing as you receive that love, that’s your thing.  And by all means, go for it, we love to see you happy and being yourself.  But don’t think that, like, you have to fulfill some obligation or else you failed the purpose of your life.  Your purpose is to be loved, hugely and wildly and forever.

You may have felt as though you’ve found Love and lost it again over and over during your human life, but you’ve been sitting in Love's palm the whole time.  The silliest and saddest human erroneous belief is this whole rigamarole:


“I lost love.  I used to have love and I lost it because I screwed up.  Because I suck!  Love was only in the past.  Love is far away.  I don’t have (or deserve) love because I’m not worthy.  Because of all the stuff I’ve done, or all the stuff I haven’t done yet.  Because I haven’t earned it yet.  [Hilarious!] I lost love and now it’s gone.  Love and I are separated from each other.  Love doesn’t love me.” 


.... CHILD.  That doesn’t make any sense.  How could Love -- love itself -- not love you???

Someday you’re gonna know, as in beyond any doubt, that you never ever had any reason to fear.  No reason to be afraid.  There’s nothing but safety in love.  With love, you’re always safe and you’re always home.

Original photo by Yash Raut

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